About Us

Rocket Science’s Broker, Cynthia Riley Loera

“You don’t seem like a Realtor.” Cynthia hears that a lot. There is a stereotype of Realtors; pushy and flashy. Cynthia sees her mission as helping clients make smart real estate choices. Choices that work for them.  That can mean buying or not buying.  Selling or staying put. With a background in law and counseling, Cynthia is comfortable with negotiating, handling conflict, listening, and staying organized.

The Rocket Science Mission

We are purposefully small. Rocket Science is just Cynthia and some tech help.  No “teams” that hand off clients from one person to another.

We give back.  Donating time and money to important local causes.  Like affordable housing, environmental stewardship, and immigrant support services.

What Clients Say About Rocket Science

*To say that I recommend Cynthia is a real understatement. Some of the key issues when you are buying a house is having someone you can trust, who can quickly zero in on what you want in a house and is organized to get the job done. She figured out our taste and needs immediately and selected the homes carefully. She was extremely well-organized and responsive. She helped us to make an informed decision in 2 days flat. And if that wasn’t enough, she helped us in a host of other tasks-networking for a job, finding a gym, you name it, she did it. I don’t know what we would have done without her.

*Cynthia Riley was beyond wonderful to work with. She is, and I am not exaggerating, the only Realtor I ever want to work with again. Wonderful direction, advice, went out of her way to help us find exactly what we needed, which was not easy. In addition, she’s truly enjoyable to spend time with.

*The buying/selling process went off without a hitch – in fact it was fun! Now I’m on a quiet street with wonderful neighbors. Cynthia’s ethical approach, determination, and strong negotiating skills set her apart from most people I know. Not at all pushy. Not a self-promoter. No hidden agenda. Just a hardworking, civic-minded, genuinely kind person who knows her business.