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Then it is time to call Rocket Science.  We will sit down and have a conversation to help you make smart choices to get your property sold.  How?



Pricing right

Determining the list price of your home is both an art and a science.  We study the recent sales history of your neighborhood to get good data.  Not tax record information like we see causing so much trouble in sites like Zillow. Then we go beyond number crunching.  After seeing thousands of properties and talking about wish lists with hundreds of buyers, we know what features really matter in which areas and to which buyers.

Getting the property ready

Rocket Science will pay a professional stager to visit your home and give you a detailed checklist to follow as you get ready for market.  You have seen the shows — staging is important.  If work needs to be done, we will help you find the right people to get the work done quickly and affordably.

Market market market

We want your property to sparkle in person and online.  Most buyers will search for property online so we have professional photos to highlight your property’s assets.  We have many other ways to reach buyers including Realtor spam, boutique Realtor ads, secondary sites, etc.


Cynthia was a lawyer in Iowa before moving to Austin.  She did not take the Texas bar exam and does not practice law in Texas.  But her negotiation skills carry over to real estate and her training in collaborative negotiations also helps to get to the best “yes.”


Once a week we will report in with information about who has clicked on your property online and which agents have been in the property.  Once you have a contract, you will receive updates as we move from an “active” listing to “pending” and then “sold.”  Since we are not a “team” you will not be handed off to a closing coordinator or an assistant.  You will always be able to call, text, or email Cynthia.  We are purposefully small to maintain a one-on-one relationship with our clients.