Feel free to use any search site you like but beware of sites that collect your data or offer you a price prediction. Many of these sites add property tax information that causes wonky estimates. They also seem to have outdated/incorrect property listings (homes that have already sold or were never actually on market).

We suggest for the most reliable information. It’s the official public property search engine provided by the members of the Austin Board of Realtors.

Austin Home Search





Other Advice:

*Talk to a lender or two
It’s really the first step – figuring out what you want to spend and finding a lender you like. This will take maybe an hour; you will tell them a bit about your financial picture and learn about their fees and likely interest rates. Feel free to contact us for a list of local lenders we have had good experiences with.

*80% Rule
Luckily, you are looking in Austin so you are already most of the way to a great property choice. Austin is one the healthiest real estate markets in the country. To help you with the nuts and bolts of decision-making, we’ve developed a buyers’ homework guide and strategy to implement while searching. The short hand name for our strategy is “the 80% rule.” We’ll talk more about it when you are ready to begin the search.

Timing your purchase is important in some parts of Austin. It is a non-issue in other parts. It varies based upon factors like demographics, school rank, and even yard size.